College of Business and Economics (CoBE)

Dr. Ismail J. Ismail

Principal College of Business and Economics

Welcome Note

The College of Business and Economics (CoBE) is one among the most dynamic and very fast growing Colleges within the University of Dodoma. It is comprised with three Departments, namely; Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Management, and Economics. The College offer different programmes, ranging from undergraduate and graduate programmes. Currently, the College offers a total of 19 programmes, of which 14 undergraduate degrees, 3 Masters and PhD programmes. The College has over 2,500 students. The College is well endowed with teaching and learning facilities including Lecture theatres, Seminar rooms, Offices, Libraries, and recreational and sports facilities for students and staff.

The College of Business and Economics brings an unrivalled professional and operational skills mix with experience to provide the services having key competencies using creative methodologies with practical conceptual skills, knowledge, analytical guide and hands-on skills. The combined and complementary qualifications of our staff provide the required key expertise of seasoned academicians, researchers and consultants.

In an endevour to contributing to helping the University of Dodoma to realise its Vision and Mission as well as helping the country to attain its legitimate development objective of poverty reduction and become a middle income as well as an industrialised economy, the College covers a wide array of disciplines ranging from business, economics, and management all the way to environmental and resource management. We pride ourselves in excellence and quality teaching, research, consultancy and committed to community outreach activities to push the boundaries of human knowledge. We are also devoted to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference nationally and globally.

At CoBE we cherish team work, quality, marketability, diligence, integrity, accountability, transparency and innovation to facilitate skills and knowledge acquisition to both our staff and students as well as communities in order to induce impactful, tangible changes in teaching and learning. In doing so, it is our belief that our students and communities get and create greater and wide opportunities to venture out and explore broader horizons. Academic qualifications are indeed our core value and necessary, though not a sufficient condition for the survival in today’s academic arena, thus a truly holistic education encompassing life skills is our dream.

In a nutshell, we are committed to Embracing Knowledge.

You are all welcome.